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Window & Door Installer in Santa Clara County & San Mateo County, CA

Anderson Window and Door Installation is a dependable residential window and door installer in Santa Clara County & San Mateo County, CA. We were founded in 2000 by John Scalmanini, a home improvement veteran and contractor with over 30 years of experience. John and the team have managed, overseen, and performed over 80,000 window installations during their careers to the complete satisfaction of countless homeowners. Customers return to us for their window & door replacement and renovations because they can rely on us for unmatched service.

kitchen windows

Dedicated to a Job Well Done

Our team is tight-knit and works together closely on every project. From product selection, ordering, scheduling, delivery, and installation, we coordinate constantly to ensure all tasks are completed correctly and on time. After each service, John or the crew chief conducts a full walkthrough of the jobsite. They inspect the quality of screen and hardware installations and assess if they need fine-tuning. Our job is complete only when the installation and other services are completed according to your exact specifications and needs.

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A Certified Dealer You Can Trust

As a certified window and door dealer, we know every detail and advantage of our brands. We’re certified to install MilgardĀ® as well as AndersenĀ® and Windows and Doors, among the leading manufacturers nationwide. We provide expert counsel and advice on every product, equipping customers with the knowledge to make the right choices for their homes. John supervises every project and will make product and installation recommendations based on the specifics of your vision. We’re best positioned to help you make informed decisions about your window and door installation.

We’re Committed to Your Satisfaction

At Anderson Window and Door Installation , customer satisfaction is at the center of every service and product offering. We achieve satisfaction and exceed expectations by providing the highest quality products at competitive prices. We value quality products and materials and bid our services at fair prices. Our commitment to customers is reflected on the job site as well. During your project, we’ll conduct ourselves according to strict standards and ethics. We provide exceptional craft while showing the utmost respect for the properties we serve.

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